Building on the ground to 2019 and beyond
We are two years away from the next election, but we must begin our campaign readiness work immediately. That is why Charlie will strike an Election Preparedness Committee by January 1, 2018.We must continue to pay attention to the composition of our party to ensure that it reflects our nation. We must approach our work through an equity lens, with a particular focus on decolonizing our work and our workplace. (more)

Social Justice in the Justice System
A fair and impartial justice system is a crucial cornerstone of any safe, stable society. But too often, Canada’s justice system has suffered from partisan politics, unevenly applied laws, and outright racism. (more)

Indigenous Children First
For 150 years Canada has a long and dismal record of systematically denying Indigenous children the most basic opportunities that other young Canadians take for granted – they must travel long distances away from their families for schooling, receive substandard medical care, and, too often, have few opportunities in their home communities. (more)

Plan to Tackle Climate Change
Climate change is one of the defining challenges facing Canada and the world. Successive Conservative and Liberal governments have failed to take action serious enough to meet our international obligations and our duty to the planet. (more)

Helping the New Working Class
The middle class has become the new working-class with white-collar and blue-collar workers living through an endless cycle of short term contract work, without benefits, without pensions, burdened by student debt and unable to buy homes in the communities they love. (more)

Housing Is a Right
Every Canadian has a right to a roof over their head. Charlie Angus’ plan for a rebuilt Canadian economy that puts the new working-class first will tackle affordability for all, the social housing deficit, and homelessness. (more)

A New, Democratic Party
Our party has always been strongest when it has had a robust grassroots. It grew out of meetings in church basements, in union halls, and in community centres. Other parties can count on advertising budgets and PR firms. New Democrats have no shortcuts: we are a movement and party centred on organizing people. (more)

Urban Agenda
Canada’s cities are vibrant, diverse spaces that offer world-class educational institutions, thriving cultural scenes, and booming economies. But they are also the front lines of some of Canada’s most pressing challenges including inequality, poverty, and unaffordable. (more)

Owning Our Economy
Co-operatives and community enterprises are an important part of our movement’s heritage. For over a century, Canadians have turned to co-ops and community enterprises as a way to meet community needs locally, to build prosperous and equitable communities, and to lay the foundations of a more democratic economy and a more just society. More than ten million Canadians are members of cooperatives. (more)

Democratic Reform
Democratic reform has always been an issue close to the heart of our movement, from adopting a fairer electoral system to ensuring clean, ethical, accountable government. We understand that a government should reflect the people it represents, that it should be transparent and accountable, and that it should represent promote the best interests of all Canadians, not just those who are wealthy enough to afford lobbyists. (more)

Dignity and Justice for Seniors
New Democrats have always proudly supported a dignified retirement for our seniors, and for programs like public pensions, Old Age Security, and the Guaranteed Income Supplement. Senior poverty rates used to be a Canadian success story, but under Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau, poverty among seniors has been rising, especially among women. Seniors are also beginning to deal with rising debt loads. (more)

Standing Up For Veterans And Service Members
When someone puts on a uniform to serve Canada, there is a moral contract with the country that lasts for life. Our service members and veterans are workers – and in the NDP, we stand up for workers. That’s why Charlie is proposing a suite of changes to support veterans, service members, and their families.